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How To Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter

Winter is now in full swing, and one of the worst feelings is when your feet are freezing cold! How can you keep your feet warm this winter? Here are our suggestions:

The right socks

Most people think that wearing thick socks or layering socks is the best solution - but that could actually be counterproductive because the extra pressure can limit the circulation, so could make your extremities colder.

The material of the socks is more important than the thickness. We advise you to avoid cotton socks, as they have no insulation, and they absorb and hold moisture, making your feet wet and cold.

Wool is one of the best materials for winter socks, as it can hold a lot of moisture before feeling wet, and keeps its ability to insulate even when damp, so your feet stay dry. Wool also allows your feet to breathe.

The right shoes

If your feet are wet they are more likely to get cold, so it makes sense that the best kinds of shoes for winter should be waterproof, and also breathable to allow the perspiration to escape.

Thicker soles will also keep your feet warmer as they will be kept further away from the cold ground.

The right accessories

Wearing thick insoles can be a game changer when it comes to keeping your feet warm! We lose heat through the soles of our feet, so it’s good to have an extra layer between your feet and the ground! I like to use fleece or wool insoles as I find that they keep my feet nice and toasty.

You can also try sock liners and toe warmers for added layers of insulation if necessary.


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