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Toenail Reconstruction with Wilde Pedique

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Have your toenails been damaged by trauma or infection?

When toenails are infected or damaged, they can look unsightly and this can make us feel that we need to cover them up. Can anything be done to improve the appearance of damaged nails?

Here at The Comfoot Zone, Deborah uses LCN Wilde Pedique gel to reconstruct damaged toenails. The highly elastic formula not only improves the aesthetic appearance of your nails, but it also contains ingredients that prevent infections and reduce the spread of germs, meaning it protects the nails and helps to reduce the risk of further damage!

This means that your damaged nails can look pretty, while simultaneously healing and being protected from further damage or germs!

The gel can correct deformities, disguise discolouration, and reshape the nails, and can be

used to give weak or damaged nails time to repair while being protected, or it can be used simply to enhance the appearance of healthy nails!

If you would like more information on medical toenail reconstruction, or any of our other treatments, please contact us by phone on 01903 532159, or send us an email to


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